❣️Yesterday you got the big announcement about your Small Business Marketing Resource Centerpacked with every free SMOC resource focused on small business tactics proven to work.

Here's a case study showing how just one of those resources made a huge impact for SMOC . . .

. . . a 13,000% increase in leads kind-of-impact.

One of the resources I shared was a blog post about my favorite books for small business owners. Two of those books completely transformed the way I do business, and I changed my website Home page to reflect that.

The result?

Before reading that book, I got only two leads from my Home page opt-in form in the past 6 months. It was the same offer I've used for years, and it just stopped working.

After making the changes suggested in one of those books, I got 275 leads over the next 6 months.

Using the same offer.

For free. No ads, no pop-ups, no aggressive marketing.

That's a 13,000% increase in leads in just 6 months.

Without complex A/B testing or a team of analytics gurus.

We're talking small businesses, after all.

That's just one of the massive impacts you'll see from relying on these resources: I designed every guide as a result of challenges SMOC members experienced.

No matter if your an entrepreneur, small business owner or a marketing agency, you'll find action-packed guides just for you, including:

  • For small business owners, how the most effective social media marketing advice can fit on a 3x5" index card (it's really that simple)

  • For social media marketing consultants, how you can turn your clients' website visitors into customers (because you've got to prove your services' ROI)

  • For agencies, how to create an editorial calendar to get your posts planned, reviewed & published

So no matter what your needs are, you can go directly to the most relevant content for you, right away.

Enjoy this one-stop small business marketing hub, making it easy to find the best resources all in one place.

Maria Peagler, Founder

P.S. Those books I recommend? They're not the typical marketing books that make everyone else's must-read lists. Here's the reaction from one of our SMOC members when I shared this list in our Facebook group:

And that's his reaction to just ONE of the guides in this small business marketing resource center.

Here's that link again so you can bookmark it:

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